Attractions and Proposals

La Cumbre offers a very good choice of where to stay, with differing styles and quality as well as complimentary activities.  Most accommodation shares the characteristic of being run by their owners, which adds a family setting  with a personalized attention to service.

The town offers a high quality and varied gastronomic choice, with a good price/value ratio,  encompassing different kinds of  cuisine:  Spanish, northern  argentine, oriental, home cooking, barbecues (parrillas), fast food, vegan,  vegetarian, rawfood, organic.

There are several Tea Houses with a good selection of home made delicacies in rich settings going from antique style to bucolic.

There is in La Cumbre,  an  Air/Sports Centre of attraction,  which includes a variety of activities,  equipment, expertise and knowledge either on land or air, with international instructors.
The vantage point and ramp used by paragliding known as Cuchi Corral, is the setting for some of these activities practiced by professionals or amateurs, with followers from all around the country and abroad, which delight as an everyday outing or as an international, regional or national competition. 

The topography of La Cumbre is apt for the aforementioned activities , as well as cycling on mountainbikes ,  trekking,  walks,  mountain marathons,  or plain birdwatching.  There are trained and experienced guides who will accompany you in these activities or outings.

On a cultural or historical note,  there is a wide choice available, from the purely historical icons of the town, which are part of the past and remain untouched, to the widely different artistic offers of artists who decided to settle in La Cumbre .  Just to mention a few like Casa Museo Mujica Lainez (literature),   Sala Miguel Ocampo( paintings),  Museum of Motorcycles and Bicycles, or the workshops and shops where you can have a chance to meet and talk to the artists or artisans.

Religion also has a place in La Cumbre,  with  a larger than life statue of Christ the Redeemer  overlooking the town, offering an incredible panoramic view of the whole area.  The statue is reached by the Via Crucis steps that lead up to it.  There are several  smaller churches and chapels,  that house the history of the town ,  like  San Roque Chapel.

Along Route E-55, there are some attractions that are worth an outing like  the Caraya Monkey Reserve, which houses and rehabilitates monkeys,  or the San Geronimo Dam,  which is a water reservoir;  the well established Estancia El Rosario setting which makes alfajores and jams as well as other delicacies; and the Adventure Park known as Peñon del Aguila (Eagle´s Peak) .

At the point where you are to take the Route E-55, there is a fork on the right hand,  that will take you to the Camino de los Artesanos (Artisans Road).It is a leisurely ride, where different artisans offer their wares in quaint shops, and can also be an ideal stop for refreshments or a place to have a picnic, surrounded by nature.

Different Golf courses of 9 or 18 hole layouts,are much appreciated by those who practice the game,  as they combine an interesting challenge with incredible views and landscapes.

There is a Lavender plantation and distillery, which can be visited as well as toured. It has a  shop where these products may be purchased, thus providing and interesting all round visit, which is pleasant to the senses as well.

For those who enjoy horse riding,  there is the possibility of having a tailor made outing,  with reliable horses and experienced guides,  either during the day with wonderful sightseeing, or the exciting moonlight outing, full of evening scents and mystery.

Due to its dry mountain climate,  La Cumbre is an ideal place to visit in Summer,  with cool evenings and temperate climate,  or in Winter,  as the mild weather offers  warm and sunny middays.

All of the above,  added to the fact that it is the only town in the whole of the Punilla Valley that is not cut through by  Route 38,  thanks to the foresight of its early settlers , go to making La Cumbre a really different and distinguished place.  An excellent choice for the discerning visitor who wants to or knows exactly how to enjoy a quality destination.




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